Thursday, April 14, 2005

It's still better than the last one

Hey Flash, bet you wish you drove now huh?

Used to be Chicks dug the car.
Now-a-days it’s the guys.

Currently playing on the Bat-mobile stereo: Tone Loc, Wild Thing


The Flash said...

Woah....just, woah. Well...err...I could outrun that thin.

Jason aka Dark Magician 25 said...

Lol poor flash. He is jealous that he cant rock out to tunes. Maybe he should invest in an Ipod Shuffle since as i understand it that outfit of his has to be a little skin tight to maintian itself at his speeds.

By the way Batman thanks for the shoutout....i think. Im not exactly sure why i deserved or got one but thanks anyway.

Robin said...

Can I drive?

Please, please, please!

Batman said...

No Robin, you may not.

You have a perfectly good motorcycle. Alfred was good enough to go to all the bother of tying your favourite colour ribbons onto the handlebars. The least you could do is ride it a little.

Even Alfred has feelings Robin.

Noran said...

A most cool ride. I think the ribbons for Robin are such a cute touch for him. I came via your post on the Hulk's blog. He is such a low brow creature. The Flash is jealous!

The Flash said...

pssh..hardly. They don't make a car that's fast enough for my liking.

Robin said...

I'm sorry Batman. You are right.

I do like my ribbons.

But...if you don't let me drive the cool, new Bat-mobile you can't let Nightwing either. Promise?