Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Keeping The Peace

What a great few nights I’ve had!

The other day, after a tip from Oracle, Nightwing and I put aside our differences and went and busted up Killer Croc. The tip-off told us where he was hiding, a newish apartment down by the river. It was quite nice, a lot of room, balcony, and a ledge, outside the windows, that is perfect for lurking on; I really like these old warehouses that have been changed into yuppie apartments (I may have to invest in some).

You always want to take Croc by surprise, so we observed him through the French doors. Croc was sitting on his couch wearing a Minnesota Vikings hat, a Jervon Kearse Titans jersey and pants (thank god). His new plasma TV was showing the NFL draft on ESPN. I always thought Croc was a Saints fan.

Croc reached for some nachos and spilled greasy cheese down the front of his jersey. He roared in anger and NW and I decided it was time to break this up.

Croc looked genuinely surprised to see us. A “biff” and a “pow” later and he lay unconscious on the floor. We decide that this set-up was too good to waste and grabbed a handful of nachos and watched Aaron Rogers finally be selected by the Packers. I prefer the Bears; they have a gritty determination that appeals to me.

Anyway, three games of Madden later (Patriots 2: Bears 1, I hate the Pats), Croc started stirring; we decided that instead of having to carry him ALL the way to Arkham we would just leave him with a warning.

Last night it was actually really quiet. In fact nothing happened. I love those nights because I can swing around or drive the Bat-Mobile really fast down the highways.

Just for laughs I went down to one of the dives near the docks and shook down some guys. You got to keep the criminals cowardly and superstitious. Then I went home and mucked about on the internet. I replied to Superman’s TWENTY emails about the agenda for the next JLA meeting, (Christ on a stick! Who cares if the paper is doubled sided or not!).

Oh and I see that Oracle has put up a post. Batgirl is still quiet but that’s her thing I ‘spose.

On the Bat-Mobile Stereo: Roots Manuva – Awfully Deep

Monday, April 25, 2005


>>Preparing for communication from Oracle…<< >>God, Batman and Nightwing have been arguing since last weekend. At one point Nightwing was yelling “I didn’t ask to be born!” (What does that even mean?) I just wanted them to ctrl+alt+shut-up (*lol*).

>>Any how, just when it was about to come to a head I threw them a distress signal about Killer Croc. KC wasn’t up to anything; I just couldn’t stand them fighting each other. They teamed up and bust Killer-Croc-head and now the house is peaceful again (for a while at least).

>>The big Bat has invited all of us to post on his “Blog of the bat”. I was the one who put him up to this so I thought I should help out. I am more than just a computer generated face you know.

>>I’ll post some more after I read what they guys are saying over at Slashdot.

>>Bye! Peace!

>>…Communication link severed