Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ho-lee Crap!

What the hell is going on here!

Alfred and I get back from the A-city to find my cave is a mess. There’s beer cans everywhere! Someone (probably Robin) has been downloading Destiny’s Child and Kelly Clarkson MP3s onto the Bat-computer and Bat-iPod.

Also there are twinkie wrappers and half drunken bottles of coke under the seats in the Bat-mobile (which no one was allowed to drive). And someone has replaced my new Beck CD with Avril Lavigne in the Bat-Stereo.

Why does Batgirl have a big bruise on her forehead? You know Oracle is going to tell me everything so you may as well confess right now. And it doesn’t take the “World’s Greatest Detective” to know who put chocolate fingerprints all over my bat-suits.

Also Nightwing, I will speak to you later about certain “images” I found in the Bat-computer under a file called “Dick’s Stuff Keep Out”.


Beast said...

You should try running a decent research laboratory in a school full of mutant kids !

-Dr. Henry McCoy

Robin said...

It was all Nightwing. I swear!!

The Flash said...

Gotta keep 'em in line bats! I guess that's where you were when I tried paying you a visit. Oh time.

Gotta run...

Nightwing said...

Hey back off Batman, you're not my father you know. I mean, like, I didn't ask to be whisked away to your stupid batcave with the stupid bats and the stupid hidden passage behind the grandfather clock. So we cut a little loose, sue me! And if your worried about my files (and they're all celebrity fakes btw) you should talk to Alfred about the "speacialist" magazines he keeps at the bottom of his sock draw.

Vavoom said...

Sorry for breaking in, but this blog rocks!

Spider-Man said...

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Hulky found his way into your cave! It's the twinkie wrappers that tipped me off. That green blob's main weakness is Hostess Twinkies!

If I were you, I'd configure that bat-computer of yours for some low level gamma ray detection!

Spidey Out-

Oracle said...

We've all seen those magazines Nightwing. Those aren't "speciality" magazines. Those are Trade Magazinesfor work. He's a butler hence all the articles about French maids. Errr... at least that's how he explains it.