Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's supposed to be a secret!!!

What’s going on here!

Stuffo, the “entertainment” arm of HowStuffWorks.com–a website often visited here at the Batcave–has outed me and a handful of other do-gooders. If we are to keep fighting the good fight we can’t have some “vigilante” website going around telling people who we are!!! For Pete’s Sake!

Still, Spiderman, whoa! 28 people know your secret identity? Yeah, I know I have revealed myself to 43 people…sorry, that should be 43 people know I’m Bruce Way…let me start again, a lot of people think they know who I am. But I’m going to cut that number down with some memory gas in the next few weeks though.

Ahhh, memory gas. So many…um…memories.

Speaking of memories, I was enjoying Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind the other day and found myself confused. I was able to keep up with the tangled plotline and memory jumping but why on earth would Kate Winslet find Jim Carrey attractive?

I think the Joker has been tampering with my word-processor. There are green lines everywhere. They tell me “Sentence Fragment”, yet this confuses me because “Sentence Fragment” is itself a sentence fragment. Confound you Joker!

I’m going to out and lurk.
Until next bat-time.


The Flash said...
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The Flash said...

Alert the JLA! Anyway, just letting you know that I got my blog set up now, bats.

Gotta run...