Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Aloha Batbuddies!

Or as they say in Samoa: “Talofa”

Sorry it’s been so long but after getting back I had a heap of stuff to do. Including putting all of the Arkham crowd back into Arkham, then working off my “holiday belly” (which had gotten out of control) and then I had to catch up on all the Steelers games I missed.

Speaking of which. Villains: you are allowed to do anything you want on February 5th, but so help me god if you fuss with the TV reception I will not be responsible for what happens next.

Also Catwoman, it’s nice to see you in the area. Thanks for sending those photos. They were…um…thanks! Hope to see you again; you’re always welcome. But put back all the stuff you stole, ok?

Now that I’m back I’ll endeavour to keep my posts coming regularly. Sorry for the long delays but it’s my…um…”other job”. Not a secret identity mind you, I don’t have one. And don’t try to find out what it is either!

See you after Sunday!