Monday, November 06, 2006

“World of Whatnow?” I asked.
“Warcraft” they said in unison.
“Sounds like something Adam Strange would deal with.” No one laughed so I continued, “What is it?”
“It’s a [something beginning with M]” said Oracle
“Oh, well is that really what you want to use the world’s greatest crime-solving computer for?”
“Absolutely” said Robin
“It’s got the best connection and I can run multiple characters on it” said Oracle.
“Well how long are you going to be? Word is that Two-Face is planning something”
“We’ll we’re just in this PVP battle at the moment then I promised the guild I’d help them with a raid” answered Oracle, if that was indeed an answer.
“Well, ok. Just be careful of online predators.”
I swear Robin rolled his eyes.