Tuesday, April 12, 2005


You see this is what makes me THE Batman and other people merely superman or aquaman. I don’t sell out! You don’t see me schmoozing with big celebrities like SOME people. See I’m all subversive and underground culture and internet stuff. Some big shots just don’t understand that you can wear the mask AND be cool.

At this point I’d like every one to forget the work of Joel “nipples” Schumacher. When they signed me as creative consultant I didn’t know that the director would be hitting on me the whole time. I just sleep gassed him every time it got too awkward though, perhaps I gassed him one too many times.

Of course I don’t want anyone to forget the Bat-toosie which gained pop-icon status when the lovely Uma Thurman danced it in Pulp Fiction. Yeah, she was Poison Ivy in that terrible Nipples-made movie but you can’t hold that against her, look at Kill Bill.

I loved that movie (both Vol.1 and 2), although I probably would have stopped her from actually killing Bill or anyone else for that matter. Like Catwoman, I could make her see the error in her ways, and after a short stay in Arkham, she could be rehabilitated into society. Sigh…

I’m going to watch DVDs on the Bat-Xbox now.

Keep safe
The Batman

ps. no, I am not jealous of Superman!
pps. Big bat-shoutout to Dark Magician 25 for never giving up. You see Jason, the Dark Magic was inside you all along...

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llew said...

I knew Michael Keaton was hot air when he said "I'm Batman"

I was in the audience in what, 1989? quietly mouthing "THE Batman, shortarse."