Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's been some time hasn't it. I'm gonna pull out the old "I've had a cold" line that every blogger uses when they've been absent.

Actually I've been discussing with my lawyers about the merchandising rights for the new Batman film. With my completely non-biased opinion I suggest you go and see it. Many, many times...with lots of friends, or at least lots of people (if you have no friends).

I would like to apologise to Walter. I'm sorry Walter, we couldn't get an answer to your cartoon book question. I suggest going to a comic store and asking the sweatiest, greasiest, most rotund person there (failing that the goth-looking stick figure who is also greasy and will sniff at your question in disgust) and ask them...they'll know.

The other day, to change the subject, Robin and I went out for a Sprite as our secret identities, (no I will not tell what they are Riddler, stop emailing!).
When I went to pay for them my card declined (I knew satellite TV in the Batmobile would put me over the limit).

Well it had been a long day and a stupid shouted at the clerk: "Don't mess with me pal, I'm Batman!".

The Clerk was like: "Dude, you so are!"

I was madly motioning for Robin to get the memory gas. Sometimes I wish I could just SMASH stuff up like the Hulk. (If the Hulk can get his haircut at a normal barbershop, then why doesn't it come off when he's fighting badies?)