Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Stupid Fantastic Four! I hate you so much Reed Richards!

No I’m not being sour. I can handle being knocked out of the top spot by Spielberg (not you Cruise, I’m watching you…freak). But a cheap version of a cheap comic! Pffff.

Hey who busted up a drug ring on the other day? That’s right me! Straight back from San diego and I busted in there threw a few batarangs around (I didn’t even need to throw, I just thought “what the hell”), it was great fun.

Why was I in San Diego? You are at a blog written by Batman and you don’t know? I go every year. I put on my costume and walk around am no one even notices. Just be safe I pad the suit with a couple of pillows (and sometimes I put on a fake goatee). I buy a few items but mainly go for the autographs.

Here are this year’s photos…

Yeah O.k. this isn't me. But you get the idea.

Of course, HE was there again…

In the name of all that is Holy! I will get you Elvis Trooper! Mark my words. Mark them!

Thank you San Diego for a lovely time I will be back again for the next one.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Don't worry BatBlog Buddies.
There will be a new post soon!

Just fending off criminals and intellectual property lawyers at the moment.