Monday, February 20, 2006

Um…so, anyone out there committing any crimes? No? Oh, just checking.

It has been so dull here for the past few weeks. I’m almost thinking of breaking some people out of Arkham just to stir things up. I know there are a few crazies on the loose: Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Harlequin, Catwoman etc (wow there’s a lot of girls on that list).

So any super villains out there (or even any regular run-of-the-mill villains) please detail any of your nefarious, but essentially flawed, plans here first. This will give me the heads up and at least I can start planning (project managing if you will) and that will fill in my time until your plans “completion date”.

PS: Thanks for the invite Gaia but Batman works alone…apart from Robin, and Batgirl, and Oracle and sometimes Huntress, oh and Azrael...and every now and again the Justice League