Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It seems that I have been “flamed” by Kon El (aka Superboy). To the right is a photo I found of the younger El. Looks like he's stopped wearing that mullet, finally. The image was hard to obtain as a Google image search of Kol El required me to wade through masses of "fan art".

Kon you will be happy to know that most of these were homoerotic images.

I personally had no idea that you swung that way but I wish you luck in your alternate lifestyle.

Your obvious comeback is to insult my relationship with Robin. So let’s get it out in the open: I can’t stand him. Goddamn little know-it-all punk! Always trying to show me up!

My only love is the city of Gotham......and occasionally Catwoman. But not Halle Berry, she’s gross. I prefer the Lee Meriwether version or maybe the Salma Hayek version (which only exists in my dreams). She’s a sweet piece of tail (ho ho).

Tuesday, November 15, 2005