Wednesday, November 02, 2005

So I’m blogging today from the steppes of Mongolia. Let’s just say the internet of Mongolia is not as good as the internet in downtown Gotham. I’m once again on the trail of that Lover of Lazarus Pits: Ra’s al Ghul.

He’s up to some nonsense or other after he finally saw Batman Begins on DVD. All I got was a intercepted email communication that said:

“…going to sort some of this s*it out”

I figured that he must be up to no good so it was the first bat-plane to central Asia.

I want to thank everyone who helped on that riddle*. It was in the old jar factory by the docks. Unfortunately the Batmobile was getting its regular service and by the time I ran down there a few places around Gotham had been lasered. Oops.

* to the person who suggested "the Daily Planet Building", are you in cahouts with the Riddler?