Sunday, October 01, 2006

You know what's weird? Coincidence

Last night I had some friends around for dinner the other night (you know, the ususal gang) and I mentioned this blog, in passing. Then this morning Con El came by and left a comment, which prompted me to try and start his thing back up.
Batman's back
At dinner we discussed the various pros and cons of a prolific super hero having a public blog. So first of here is a list of a few of the things we came up with.

Some of the pros:
  • Relieves boredom of super-powered lifestyle
  • Shows public the human side of super-power-enabling-yet-monstrous mutation
  • Enables you to vent about city's woeful police force
  • Fans feel significant by being able to leave comments
  • Able to start campaign for Salma Hayek to be new Catwoman
  • Chicks dig bloggers
  • Bat-computer not really the best place for funny kitten videos

Some of the cons:

  • Mystique of heroism begins to rub off when you post about bad hair day
  • Discover that Jed1_Kn1ght2004 thinks Wolverine could "totally take you"
  • Supervillans hitting you with spam comments
  • Spacebaralwaysbrokencozofsuperstrength
  • Always having to explain what a blog is to friends/foes
  • Moblogging does not work in outer space
  • Always was torn about whether to wear mask while posting

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Bip said...

Holy missing time your back!