Sunday, October 08, 2006

Been doing a lot of stalking around the rooftops recently. You would not believe what’s up there.

There was an episode of the Tick (the shortlived live action version with Patrick Warburton*) where the Tick stands in gum and says “Who puts gum on a roof!?!” And I would have to agree. It’s very hard to look all “scary dark knight” when you’re picking gum out of your boots.

However, having said that, I can heartily recommend a night on the rooftops to anyone: the clean air, the feeling of freedom, the easy views into bedroom windows. I’m kidding**.

*What just cause I’m Batman I can’t watch TV?
** What just cause I’m Batman I can’t make a joke?


bluelily18 said...

Well it's about time!

Oh, and which wolverine? The one from the comics/tv show or Hugh Jackman? 'Cause Hugh would soooo take you!

TTYL ^_^!

Kon-El said...

hey your alive ! Welcome back. I hate gum on roof tops Which why I usually din't land I just sort of hover over 'em