Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I may be the World’s Greatest Detective, but even I cannot help young Walter.
If anyone knows, you will!
There was a moment in JLA history where someone with great powers took you all into the turbulent mind of a child, who could be seen in the middle of a swirling chaos in his own mind... who turned out to be the Joker.
What WAS this a part of? I have a feeling it was "Tower Of Babel" but I can't find it!
Help, Batty!

Perhaps you can help dear reader?

My memory of events tends to get clouded given the numerous moments the timeline is changed.

I’m fairly sure that Tower of Babel is the one where I get kicked out of the JLA (don’t think I’ll forget a thing like that Aquaman!). But I don’t know if I remember being stuck in the mind of a child. That happened to Robin and the Young Justice crew a few years back though. He said something about Impulse (Kid Flash) beating the Joker in there.

Ps. Walter’s previous comment was:

Ah, nipples.
I remember them well.

So we all know where Walter’s priorities lie (in terms of remembering stuff at least).

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waltersmithe said...

Yes, well... nipples tend to lodge themselves in the memory