Monday, June 16, 2008

Swing or Drive? That's really the toughest question of my life.

Do I lurk on rooftops, staring down on my city from one of the many very cool gargoyles we have here in Gotham? Or do I prowl the streets in the Batmobile (cool car but, I'll admit, a dumb name), growling down the streets catching criminals with the stereo pumping?

Yeah, it's a hard life alright.


Robin said...

Well wouldn't it be kind of hard to prowl the streets in a Bat-themed car of doom? I mean, you'll be attracting crazies left, right and centre. The Bat-Mobile is really only there for a quick getaway. That and it's kind of hard to look cool in Superhero vehicles. Why do you think Wonder Woman abandoned the Invisible Jet?

Hadyn said...

That makes total sense. I was walking past a tou store today and saw a new Hulk action figure sitting atop his...Hulk ATV. Seriously it could only have been dumber if it was the Hulk Segway.

Hadyn said...

And also it was a "toy" store not a "tou" store.