Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I have been alerted to a crisis on infinite earths by Batblog buddy Bip (thanks Bip). Well maybe not “infinite” but at least four or so earths.

Green Arrow, the Flash and even Robin have all disappeared from the blogosphere! In the alternate universe called “Marvel” the mutants have been falling as well. Tony Stark (who was just “outed”), Sue Richards (Invisible Woman played by Jessica Alba in the poor movie adaptation), Dr Henry McCoy and criminal Madeline Pryor have all met with similar fates.

These meta-human-blogs now stand silent, their final words echoing endlessly in the void of the internet…


Hey guys, whadya think of my new banner?...

Beast (McCoy)

Research calls - as does Will & Grace. I must admit that I'm a fan. The ensemble cast are brilliant!...


I'm sending this holy pain in the ass back to limbo first thing in the morning…

Ghostly, isn’t it? So many good friends lost… NoooOOOOooooOOOOO!!!!

But Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk are still going strong and protecting the innocent and Dr Doom is still… um… endangering the innocent.

I will leave the links of the dead on my sideboard so as to honour their memory. But I might group them into a little area by themselves.

Who will blog for those who cannot blog for themselves when the world’s mightiest bloggers have gone? Mmmm… deep.


Beast said...

Have no fear, Dark Knight !

My journal has not been lost to the ether of the Internet - It's still exactly where it used to be!

Hopefully I'll not be so lax in future.

Henry McCoy!

bluelily18 said...


Maybe u should make their blogs like classic sites "The best of..." u know the drill.

Just an idea. TTYL ^_^

Gaia said...

Hey, I looked at all those blogs you were talking about and many of them stopped around the same time!
Green Arrow: May 6th 2005
Madelyn Pryor: April 21st 2005
Sue Richards: March 4th 2005
Flash: April 21st 2005
Tony Stark: May 2nd 2005
Venom: April 13th 2005