Sunday, May 08, 2005

Satellite Uplink ready...
Preparing for communication from Oracle…

>>Oh my God, I just went to see H2G2G (that’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). It is so flashy and cool effects. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind a classic work being tampered with. If you are one of the people who complained about Tom Bombadil in LOTR then stay away.

>> H2G2G is just a speed bump however. Star Wars III is coming!!! The trailer looks good, the reviews are good, and everything else looks great!

>>And Narnia as well!! Oh, I am so excited.

>>Apparently there’s another Batman movie coming out too. I went off those after the “Alicia Incident” (thank god no nipples on her suit!).

>>In Gotham news: Robin did some stuff with Batgirl over at Arkham; Nightwing has gone back to Bloodhaven (Blūdhaven?) to catch up on some “stuff”; and the Big B is out of town with some international terrorism dealy with Vandal Savage. Actual crime has been pretty low. Batgirl been taking care of all the gang stuff anf Robins been beating on the odd thug but the GCPD seems to have most of it under control.

>>Do you guys have the Hullaing Jesus Widget (actually Hula Girl with Jesus as an option) for Mac OS X yet? You have got to get it. Hours of fun!!!

>>That’ll do from me for the moment

>>See ya
…Communication link severed
...Uplink lost

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