Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Operation: Cave clean-up!

Hey guys, thought I would invade the Batblog for a bit.

As previously stated its been pretty quiet round here lately. Which isn't a bad thing, gives me time to play a little PS2 and chill for a bit.

(Note to self: Do not play video games with Batgirl again, she takes them WAY too seriously! The bruise on my arm is still there from that controller being thrown at me.)

But a guy can get pretty bored after a while so I have decided to have a sort out of all the junk lying around the cave. Starting with Batman's recorded videos.....


Queer eye for the Straight Guy?

Gotta go show this to Oracle, maybe it's hers. Or Nightwing's. Please don't let it belong to Bru...Batman!

Robin. Over and Out.


Lokifan said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

adrian said...

Man, Batman's got layers..