Monday, May 09, 2005

Eat My Mail

You know, Bru ... Batman thinks he's the shizzle, but he ain't nothing but whack chump cake and this comic book cover proves it.

Dude, Supes is totally badgering that witness. Actually she's pretty hot. Yeah ...

So, back in Bludhaven again. Had to pick up my Welcome Back Kotter DVDs that arrived at the apartment from And my mail was piling up. Actually if you're reading this Oracle (who am I kidding? Of course you are) could you do a search and take me off the 100 or so mailing lists I seem to be on? I have no idea how I got signed up to Martha Stewart's Female Hygeine Monthly. Maybe I should have a little one on one with Robin next time I'm in Gotham.

Nightwing, dark hunter of the night, is currently listening to and enjoying Employment by the Kaiser Chiefs.


Batman said...

What could i do really?

I was suffering from elephantitis at the time which had caused my head to swell to unnatural proportions (see picture) and Superman had such a watertight case. "You hated her hence you murdered her".

I must have done something right though (who knows what, it was the sixties, everyone was high as a kite [you wouldn't remember the sixties kids, it was a different time]).

Dream said...

Kaiser Chiefs rock, don't they? On that you're right. But Lois is NOT hot. What's with the haircut?

Robin said...

One on one with me? Bring it!

Martha Stewart's Female Hygeine Monthly.