Monday, April 25, 2005


>>Preparing for communication from Oracle…<< >>God, Batman and Nightwing have been arguing since last weekend. At one point Nightwing was yelling “I didn’t ask to be born!” (What does that even mean?) I just wanted them to ctrl+alt+shut-up (*lol*).

>>Any how, just when it was about to come to a head I threw them a distress signal about Killer Croc. KC wasn’t up to anything; I just couldn’t stand them fighting each other. They teamed up and bust Killer-Croc-head and now the house is peaceful again (for a while at least).

>>The big Bat has invited all of us to post on his “Blog of the bat”. I was the one who put him up to this so I thought I should help out. I am more than just a computer generated face you know.

>>I’ll post some more after I read what they guys are saying over at Slashdot.

>>Bye! Peace!

>>…Communication link severed

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Robin said...

I would like to post on Blog of The Bat!

My e-mail is